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 CACN News                                                                                     Q3 - 2017    
M.E.E.T. Tour in Vancouver this Fall - Registration is Now Open!
CACN is hosting its next M.E.E.T. tour in Vancouver on October 12, 2017. This training and networking series is designed to educate customs, law enforcement agencies, government agencies and public prosecutors on identifying counterfeiting, fraud and copyright crimes. CACN had held its first M.E.E.T. event in Toronto this past April. The event was well attended with 70 participants. We are expecting another great turnout at this event in Vancouver! 

Registration is now open - sign up now
Registration to this session is complimentary for law enforcement, customs and government agencies. 

Brand owners: Reserve your tradeshow booth! 
This event includes a tradeshow component; where brand owners have an opportunity to exhibit and network with attendees.
If you are interested in exhibiting and would like to reserve your booth, you can do so through the online registration link above.

(Pictured below: photos from past M.E.E.T. Tour events)
IPR Enforcement Working Group
On June 26th, CACN held a meeting with members of its IPR Enforcement Working group to continue discussions and exploration of potential legislative and administrative improvements to protect Canadians and rights holders from counterfeiting, piracy and fraud. This group is comprised of government departments and agencies, law enforcement services and stakeholders with a common interest in combatting counterfeiting and piracy in Canada.

First Point of Discussion: The creation of an IPR Centre in Canada. Meeting participants identified the need to create a central database of information regarding counterfeit activity in Canada. In view of the Federal government’s concerted focus on protecting Canadians’ intellectual property rights, this meeting allowed attendees to entertain a wide variety of ideas about how to best create and operate an IPR Centre in Canada, many of which will be explored further at upcoming group meetings. In the meantime, a date has been set for further discussions about an IPR Centre with government officials.
See meeting details.

Second Point of Discussion: Renegotiation of NAFTA between Canada, the United States and Mexico. More on this is included below. 

If you have any questions about this group or recent initiatives, please contact Graham Hood, Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh; member of CACN's Steering Committee at
IPR Meeting Scheduled in Ottawa this October
CACN, INTA and The Canadian Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to host individual meetings and a luncheon with key government officials to educate leaders on “Combatting the Tsunami of Counterfeits: Protecting the Health, Safety, and Economy of Canada.”. The meeting will be held on October 17, 2017 in Ottawa at the Rideau Club.

U.S. and Canadian enforcement officials will be in attendance to present the real-world effects of counterfeiting and the role an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) coordination centre will have in combatting effects. Canadian and global brands are invited to share their insight. Following the luncheon, CACN will be meeting with Public Health and Safety Canada; The Chamber of Commerce will meet with the PMO/Senate or House Committee; and INTA will meet with Science, Economic Development Canada (ISED). If you're interested in attending this meeting or for more information, please contact Sundeep Chauhan, Chair of CACN at
Modernizing NAFTA to Accommodate the Online Marketplace and a Digital Ecosystem  
CACN welcomes negotiations with Mexico and the United States to modernize NAFTA, which was negotiated before the dawn of the digital age that has dramatically changed the landscape of the marketplace for goods and services protected by intellectual property rights. Global trade and commerce is rapidly transforming the Canadian economy, and yet there is currently no effective, accountable, and timely government mechanism to combat the growing problem of counterfeits and piracy in either the physical or digital economic sectors. There is no simple and easy access or entry point for the public or private sector to highlight real-time problems and no clear coordination between departments. This is a problem that has been acknowledged by present and past Members of Parliament from all political parties in Parliamentary Committee discussions. Read CACN's submission re: NAFTA
CACN to Have Representation in Microscopy Training Program 
A professor from UWO reached out to CACN requesting representation to participate in a unique training program on microscopic imaging techniques (learn more about this program). Vladimir Gagachev, Eaton, and a member of CACN's Steering Committee has offered to participate in this program as a representative of CACN. Vladimir’s technical background makes him a very good fit for this role. If members have any questions about this program, please contact Vladimir at
Industry News
3rd Annual Brand Protection Strategy Summit
Michigan State University’s Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection is hosting its Brand Protection Strategy Summit on October 3rd. This exclusive summit offers opportunities for brand owners, law enforcement, and academia to share and learn from one another. For full details,
follow this link.
Global Google Gag Upheld Over Counterfeit Allegations
Google has been globally banned from displaying the websites of a company that has been accused of counterfeiting. The move follows a Supreme Court of Canada ruling in regards to a lawsuit over intellectual property rights belonging to Canadian technology company Equustek. Read more

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What Canadian Supreme Court's Landmark Decision Means for Tech Companies Big and Small 
Public Consultations on Regulatory Amendments Coming Soon
The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has started the process of soliciting feedback from interested businesses, individuals, groups and organizations, as part of its public consultations on the proposed regulatory amendments to the Industrial Design Regulations, the Trade-marks Regulations and the Patent Rules.

Proposed Patent Rules: How to provide your submission 
Submissions on the proposed Patent Rules can be forwarded to CIPO from August 1, 2017 to September 8, 2017
Most-used Counterfeit Trade Routes Revealed as Pressure on
Enforcement Authorities Continues to Rise

New research has revealed that counterfeiters are using Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore as their main global trading hubs, importing containers of fake goods which are then sent on
by post or courier in smaller consignments.
More on this
Drug Company CEO Could be Extradited
A Winnipeg man faces extradition to the United States following his arrest in connection to an investigation into counterfeit cancer drugs.
Kristjan Thorkelson, chief executive officer of, was among six Canadians arrested in Manitoba and British Columbia this past June under the Extradition Act.
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Cheque Overpayment Scam Triggers Warning From Police
The Waterloo Regional Police Service is warning residents about overpayment scams involving fake cheques. Here's how it works: The scammer will overpay a seller, using a counterfeit check and then request repayment of the excess amount. Read more
Woman Finds out $1,400 Worth of Osheaga Tickets are Illegitimate
A Toronto woman and her five friends were shocked to realize the tickets they purchased from a third party for Montreal’s Osheaga music festival were illegitimate – and she says they weren’t the only ones. More on this 
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New System uses Smartphone to Spot Fake Products 
Researchers have developed a new system that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms and a smartphone app to instantly distinguish between genuine and fake versions of the same product. The system works by deploying a dataset of three million images across various objects and materials such as fabrics, leather, pills, electronics, toys and shoes. Read more
CBS News Special: Counterfeit Refrigerants
As the most common refrigerant for air conditioning units becomes more scarce and expensive, counterfeit refrigerants are flooding the market. Those fake refrigerants are posing a safety issue for consumers as well as a danger that they could ruin an entire air conditioning system. Watch video
Costco Ordered to Pay $19.4M for Misleading ‘Tiffany’ Jewelry
A federal judge has ordered Costco to pay Tiffany & Co. a whopping $19.4 million for misleading consumers into thinking they could buy legit Tiffany jewelry at warehouse club prices. Costco said in a statement that it planned to appeal the decision, adding that “the ruling is a product of multiple errors in pretrial, trial and post-trial rulings.” Read more
UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Marks on LED Lamps 
UL has issued a notification that several LED lamps bear counterfeit UL Marks and have not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if they comply with any safety requirements. 
Parents Warned About Counterfeit Toys
Today's Parent has showcased the dangers of fake toys in a recent edition, and offers several best practices to consumers - read the full article here
Cargo Theft Gang Arrested for Moving Truck iPhone Heist
Five men have been arrested after a risky cargo theft in the Netherlands where €500,000-worth of Apple iPhones were pilfered from a moving truck. The theft took place on the night of July 24th,  towards the eastern Dutch border with Germany. More on this