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 CACN News                                                                                  Q1 - 2017    

M.E.E.T Toronto
April 24, 2017
Toronto Police College
8:00am to 3:00pm

In Partnership with the Toronto Police Services, the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network (CACN) invites you and your colleagues to our M.E.E.T Toronto event.

This training and networking series is designed to educate customs, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and public prosecutors on identifying counterfeiting, fraud and copyright crimes.  Last year the event was well attended by over 60 representatives from law enforcement.

Registration is complimentary for law enforcement, customs and government agencies.

For more information download and share our brochure with your colleagues.

Brand Owners: Reserve your tradeshow booth!

This event includes a tradeshow component; where brand owners have an opportunity to exhibit and network with attendees. If you are interested in exhibiting and would like to reserve your booth, you can do so through our online registration.

For more information on our M.E.E.T Toronto event, please visit our website. cacn.ca


CACN Attends Liberal Senate Open Caucus - Countering Counterfeits

On March 1st, the Liberal Senate invited Parliamentarians, the media, and the public to discuss issues impacting the intellectual property (IP) regime in Canada in an Open Caucus called Countering Counterfeits.  The discussion centered around what steps must be taken to make Canada’s IP regime a world leader. In attendance were representatives from Intellectual Property Institute of Canada, International Trademark Association, Canadian Bar Association Anti-Counterfeiting and Trade Offences Committee, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and CACN.


New Chip to Fight Counterfeit Smartphone Chargers

"In an effort to get ahead of the problem of counterfeit wireless chargers — which could cause power surges that fry a device’s circuitry — researchers from MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories have built a chip that blocks attempts to wirelessly charge a device’s battery unless the charger first provides cryptographic authentication." Read full article here


Counterfeit Goods are a $460 Billion Industry, and Most Are Bought and Sold Online

"Not surprisingly, much of it happened online. 'The internet makes it easy to hide,' said INTA anti-counterfeiting coordinator Tiffany Pho. But where online do most fake goods change hands? A new study from Red Points, a brand-protection firm based in Barcelona, Spain, shines a light into this shadowy realm." Read the full article here


Google Cracks Down on Bad Ads in 2016

"Internet giant Google suspended around 6,000 websites and 6,000 accounts last year that attempted to advertise counterfeit goods on its platform. In 2016, the firm deleted a total of 1.7bn ads that violated its advertising policies – more than double the number of bad ads that were removed in 2015." Read full article here


Should eBay Be Doing More to Stop Sales of Fakes?

"The Counterfeit Report claims that it has identified more than 2.8 million counterfeit items at eBay and reported more than 1.9 million to the company for listing removal on behalf of trademark holders. The Counterfeit Report purchased and received more than 2,300 products from eBay sellers, all of which were fakes." Read full article here.


Canadians are Concerned About Food Fraud

"Dr. Charlebois (left) worked with colleagues from Dal and the University of Guelph on the study, which examines the relationship between consumers’ education, age, income, gender, health-related predisposition and geographical region and their risk perception of food fraud in general through a survey of 1,088 Canadians." Read full article here 


Join CEOC -IFIA Special Briefing Food and Drink Counterfeiting

"Olive oil, alcohol, honey and seafood are the most targeted foodstuffs; recent estimates suggest that up to 80% of olive oil in the US is fake, along with 33% of its fish, while a $100m of counterfeit wine is circulating worldwide." Read the full report


PricewaterhouseCoopers Conducts Study Showcasing the Normalization of the Counterfeit culture

"The report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) showed more than half of people surveyed admitted to buying some form of counterfeit item - including  alcohol, cigarettes, medicines, films, music, clothes and car parts - suggesting the purchase of knock-offs is increasingly being seen as acceptable behavior." Read full article here.


Kenya's says New System to Fight Counterfeit Phones, Not to Monitor Users

“The use of counterfeit devices poses a great security threat, because such devices do not provide for effective identification or traceability of network transactions and users,” Read the full article here


Chanel Alleges Amazon Sellers Offer Counterfeit Products

"The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks enjoin the defendant from further infringing plaintiff's mark, pay the plaintiff for all profits and damages, award statutory damages of $2 million per counterfeit mark used, all legal fees and any other relief as the court deems just." Read full article here.